Vibrating Screen I Mod


To separate different sizes of Coal, Bauxite, Lignite, Seeds,De oiled Cake & Many Granular material
Information needed to quote

1- Size Analysis of Product

2- Separation Sizes required

3- Capacity in TPH

4- Bulk Density of material to be screened

5- Moisture content in the material

TYPE: Unbalance weight, Circular motion Type. Available in Single, Double and Triple Deck Following table different sizes of available of Vibrating Screen.

8 x 17 2360 800 12 x 30 3915 1200
10 x 20 2550 1000 12 x 40 5040 1200
10 x 25 3430 1000 14 x 40 4730 1400
10 x 30 3930 1000 16 x 30 4010 1600
12 x 25 3460 1200 16 x 40 4790 1600


Body - Made from thick MS plate, which can sustain continuous vibration. There are many pipes welded between two plates to increase its sturdiness.

Screen Cloth - Usually made of Spring Steel conforming to IS 1675, though the life of screen is very high.

Screen Stretching - 4 to 6 Screws provided up to 2500 mm length of the screen. After that side Arrangement stretching is to be provided. The tight screen stretching arrangements ensure no choking of the screen cloth while running with full capacity.

Vibrator - Two unbalance weights are located on driving shaft, which will induce vibration. Vibrator is so designed that unbalance weight can be varied to set screen at required vibration. Shaft is made of carbon steel (C-45).

Bearing - Bearings are located in fabricated bearing housing, which will have labyrinth seals we are using Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing (223 Series).

Springs - Strong springs are to be provided to isolate vibration. Springs are made of Spring Steel Conforming to IS 1675. This can last up to millions of frequencies.

Dust Cover - This will be provided on demand at extra cost. (OPTION)

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